Trained Massage Therapist | Full Body Treatments in Cleveland

Helping you Feel Better!!!

Swift Results Massage Therapy aims to promote awareness and increase understanding of massage and the many associated full body treatments accessible in Redlands City.

We are professional and experienced trained massage therapist that provides the very best in holistic massage treatments in Cleveland, Thornlands, and Raby Bay.

Whether you have particular ailments, problem areas or just want to relax and unwind, each treatment is designed especially for you and tailored to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

If you are seeking a relaxing massage, we offer the very best in relaxing Swedish, Reflexology, and Bowen Therapy –to relax and soothe aches and pains away.

Treatments on offer are Remedial, Deep tissue and Sports massage to relieve muscle aches and tension in the body. In these treatments trigger points can be applied to certain areas. With our treatments we also offer advice on home care and

Stretches and refer out to other modalities If necessary.

We have worked with people of all ages & different backgrounds; including at nursing homes, within sporting teams and have treated many with illness and injury.

The type of service required and the frequency of treatments for you can be discussed with our Massage Therapists

It is important to note that there are things we can do to prevent injury and assist us with better health. The difference between good & poor health rests in each individual’s ability to adapt to everyday situations, tasks, stress and attitude towards life.

A positive; can do attitude does wonders when it comes to making time for exercise, stretching & body maintenance through Allied Health services.

How to Refer to Swift Results Massage Therapy

A letter of referral stating the client’s personal details (name, address, date of birth,), the referrer’s name and provider number and the reason for referral can be faxed to 0732862787

A recent medical summary or relevant medical information attached to the referral is appreciated if possible.

Once we have commenced Massage Therapy treatment we will write back to referrer and/or GP if we have
any further recommendations for the client. If for any reason we are unable to take a referral we will
notify the referrer of the reason why.