Trained Massage Therapist | Full Body Treatments in Cleveland

Helping you Feel Better!!!


We tailor our vast range of therapies to treat back pain, shoulder pain, rehabilitation after injury/surgery, swelling, headaches, reflux, digestion and chronic fatigue – to name just a few.

Our team of therapists have complimentary talents that enable us to offer a unique combination of therapies to suite each of our clients. We offer – by appointment only – a complimentary initial consultation to discuss our clients conditions and explain how we can assist.

We have had great success in providing pain relief, increased mobility and improved lifestyles for clients who have previously explored other medical channels without finding a remedy.

We also offer advice on home care and Stretches and refer out to other modalities If necessary.

We have worked with people of all ages & different backgrounds; including at nursing homes, within sporting teams and have treated many with illness and injury.