The Swift Results Massage Therapy team is made up of Ross, Sarah & Sean. Ross, the owner of Swift Results Massage Therapy and Sarah are both qualified Remedial Massage Therapists with a combined total of nineteen years experience. Sean is a qualified Bowen Therapist and Reiki specialist and has been devoted to the industry for the last four years. Together, we have created this blog to showcase the different types of services we have available to our clients. 

We are passionate about what we do at Swift Results Massage Therapy and we strive to provide you with a wellness plan that will free your nervous system and muscles to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Our Therapists will guide you through exercises, stretches and give you the best massage for your greatest asset…your body! 

Our Vision is to be a preferred provider to treat what triggers your pain with A unique range of Massage treatments. Our services will increase recovery time for injuries/tears & sprains and ease stress to promote relaxation, remove knots, increase blood supply & decrease nerve tension. We pledge a full commitment to provide a high standard of Massage with qualified staff to support you and any endeavours you wish to achieve in health and fitness to maximize your quality of life.

Ross and Sarah have both completed a Certificate 3 in Therapeutic Massage and also have a Diploma of Remedial Massage. In the field, we have both worked for other clinics as part of a team and have also each had our own massage businesses. 

A combined total of nineteen years in the business represents an awful lot of massage oil, massage clients and of course, massage experience! Shaun has completed a Diploma in Advanced Bowen Therapy and also is a certified Reiki Master. ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

We have three treatment rooms available in our clinic. It is a relaxing and calming environment. Prior to your first service we request a summary of your health to be completed for our assessment prior to treatment taking place. 

As we like to get to know you, we also request your music preferences for your treatments at this stage. Often we have candles burning if preferred by our clients and the temperature and lighting are altered to suit your type of treatment. We are able to combine our services if required for your needs. Bathrooms are available on site.

We ask you about pressure, we speak English. We have felt the benefits of massage and know areas of the body that will be sore. We also combine our treatments so that you can receive of warmth from hot stones while also receiving a Remedial Massage. We also can treat you with the most relaxing treatment aroma touch using essential oils.

We can recommend oils for sleep, arthritis, stress, anxiety and many more. We can even order these in for you. Other treatments available are Reflexology & Kinesiology taping.

Any massage can be combined with a Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology or an Aroma touch session for the same price of a one hour Remedial massage. It must be a maximum of 30 minutes for Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, or Aroma Touch we are putting this offer out there so you can experience different techniques and enjoy the ultimate relaxation massage mix with the Remedial Massage Treatment.

Well that is simple; this will increase your blood supply, improving your body’s defence mechanism, increasing flexibility, and reducing calcification in joints. If calcification is left it leads to sore muscles an increase risk of arthritis and other illnesses, diseases.

Our skin, muscles and bones are vital for everything you do and if they aren’t in working order you may need to take time off work, stop playing your favourite sport; or even worse endure a never ending pain. Why put up with it we will advise what you need to strengthen and assist you in your health goals. We offer advice to also take away stress, advise what vitamins to take.

Our hands are our tool and with regular massage and exercise this can lead to a healthier you.

Please bring X-rays and scan reports
Underwear must be worn on the table.
There is no dress code but loose clothing is usually best.

After a massage most people tend to feel slow & drowsy to start with; then they feel an increase in energy, heightened awareness and greater productivity which can last for days. Surround yourself with a massage in a relaxing and peaceful environment.

You may experience post pain after a massage this is because of the lactic acid build up and a slow removal of toxins from the body. The body may be experiencing high levels of toxins in the body.


I went to Ross as I was experiencing pain in my left hip. It wasn’t long before i knew i had some nerve damage. At this stage I could barely put any pressure on my leg. Treatments with Ross have eased my pain levels. I started the exercises given for my core, obliques, and leg muscles. This has improved my movement and my ability to exercise.
Susan Surgenor, School Teacher 31/10/2018

Susan Surgenor

“I found Ross’s massage very helpful. Was able to get deep into the areas that needed it. He has a caring and kind disposition” 
Lynne Jago 30/09/2015

“It was a pleasant surprise to find a nice, neat place and a very young man with a good attitude towards the therapy. Very discrete and polite. Keep on! “
Lilia Barajas 12/11/2015


“I have explored a number of other medical channels without finding a remedy for my lower back pain: Then I was referred to Ross at Swift Results Massage and finally I had found the solution to my back pain! Ross applied various massage techniques, gave me stretching & muscle strengthening exercises and other advice that has finally cured my back pain! Thank you very much Ross!”
Alan Mitrovich 20/07/2018

“Hot & Cold Stone Massage: It was nice to bliss out”
Nancy Hunter 06/11/2015
“Perfect Treatment. Always a pleasure coming for treatment. Feel leaving great after every treatment”
Haylee Mckell 1/3/2016

“Hot Stone Massage: Absolutely heaven. I highly recommend it”
Mario Finelli 04/03/2016

“Swift Results Massage Therapy was able to provide a great therapeutic massage, that helped get rid of achy muscles”
Monica Brown 07/07/2016

“Swift Results Massage Therapy is absolutely amazing!! I used their massage service, and I was thoroughly satisfied”
Racheal Smith 26/10/2016

“I highly recommend Swift Results Massage Therapy for their professional massages and great customer service. I am so glad I booked my appointments with them.”
Janet Carter 15/01/2016


We offer a comprehensive range of Massage Therapies, Bowen Therapy and Reiki.

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