“I found Ross’s massage very helpful. Was able to get deep into the areas that needed it. He has a caring and kind disposition” 
Lynne Jago 30/09/2015

“It was a pleasant surprise to find a nice, neat place and a very young man with a good attitude towards the therapy. Very discrete and polite. Keep on! “
Lilia Barajas 12/11/2015

“I have explored a number of other medical channels without finding a remedy for my lower back pain: Then I was referred to Ross at Swift Results Massage and finally I had found the solution to my back pain! Ross applied various massage techniques, gave me stretching & muscle strengthening exercises and other advice that has finally cured my back pain! Thank you very much Ross!”
Alan Mitrovich 20/07/2018

“Hot & Cold Stone Massage: It was nice to bliss out”
Nancy Hunter 06/11/2015
“Perfect Treatment. Always a pleasure coming for treatment. Feel leaving great after every treatment”
Haylee Mckell 1/3/2016

“Hot Stone Massage: Absolutely heaven. I highly recommend it”
Mario Finelli 04/03/2016

“Swift Results Massage Therapy was able to provide a great therapeutic massage, that helped get rid of achy muscles”
Monica Brown 07/07/2016

“Swift Results Massage Therapy is absolutely amazing!! I used their massage service, and I was thoroughly satisfied”
Racheal Smith 26/10/2016

“I highly recommend Swift Results Massage Therapy for their professional massages and great customer service. I am so glad I booked my appointments with them.”
Janet Carter 15/01/2016

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